Historic Downtown Greeley Ghost Tours

The Historic Downtown Greeley Ghost Tours explore the history, lore, true crime, and the ghosts who haunt there. 

All Downtown Ghost Tours are at $20.00 per ticket. 

These tours include LOTS of walking and may include stairs.

Let us know if you have someone in your group who can't do stairs.

We offer weekly tours on Friday at 6:30 pm.

Orders can be placed online or by phone.

These scheduled tours are for ages 13 and up 

(under 18 must be accompanied by an adult) 

Max size for tour group is 12.

We offer "Call to Book" tours for almost anyday.

Just call us at 970-539-0045 to schedule. 

These call to book tours are catered to any group. 

(including children under the age of 13 but over 5)

Minimum size for tour group is 3 and max is 12.

Tours are conducted regardless of weather with the exception of dangerous conditions. 

If it is deemed too dangerous to continue the tour, we will reschedule your group for your earliest availability.

We are a small business, so no refunds for no-shows. 

If you cannot make your tour time, call at least 24 hours ahead of tour to reschedule. 

Did you know?

The Chief Theater was considered the "Most Haunted Place" in Greeley but since it was razed, we believe it to be the Meeker House and Property!