About Us

We are a woman-owned paranormal tour and investigation group located in Weld County Colorado. We purchased Greeley Ghost Tours in May of 2023 and began tours June of 2023. This decision has opened many new doors for our small business. As we grow our business one of our focus points will be to support other women-owned businesses and small businesses around Weld County Colorado. 


Hello ghoulfriends! My name is Alice and I moved from Florida in 2021 just to experience all the ghostly sites of Greeley!  I am an active investigator of the paranormal and a graphics designing nerd! You'll catch me running our TikTok, hosting tours, practicing my craft, and probably getting into mischief!  Stay spooked, my ghouls!


I'm Jen and I have alwasy been drawn to the darker, more mysterious side of things. I studied physiology, then nursing, and ended with a specialty in forensics.  If we talk for more than 5 minutes the conversation will always turn to Halloween, hauntings, or true crime. I can't wait to help share the little-known tales of Weld County's spooky history with you.


My name is Kloe and odd has always been in my vocabulary. Through my psychology degree, haunted house experiences and various personal paranormal stories, I look forward to showing you the beauty in the unusual.  You also can catch me running the social media accounts, helping host cemetery tours, and raising my sweet daughter to be just as weird as me.


My name is Naomi & I am so excited to be one of the owners of Weld County Paranormal. I have always had a special place in my heart for the unexplained & spooky. This has led to working with haunted houses, being an oddity collector, doing my own investigations, & hosting many different cemetery scavenger hunts. 

last updated 7/17/2023

Did you know?

We also sell protection charms, stickers, buttons, and ghost investigation tools?